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"My consulting company has relied on Baer Technologies for nearly twenty years. The Bear team are experts in small business technology...Over the years Baer has been a source for sound advice in securing our systems, addressing malware threats, and preventing hackers from potentially disrupting our business. For these reasons, I strongly recommend Baer!" – Marti T.

"Susan Baer and her colleagues at Baer Technology are people you should turn to if you ever have a problem with your computer! Their expertise and responsiveness saved and soothed me in a time of great stress." – Earl S.

"Susan and her Baer Technology colleagues have serviced our hardware and software needs for more than a decade. The customer and technical service has been exemplary. Recommend her and her firm to anyone who needs a reliable and proficient technology vendor." – Harrison H.

"Susan is fantastic! If you are looking for someone to help you get up and running with technology either at home or work to safety and efficiently help you reach your goals, you can't go wrong using her services." – Joan Green

"In addition to her mastery of computer/information services, she also speaks fluent French. In addition, Susan is flexible and personable and will tailor her advice to your individual/company needs." – Carol C.

"Highly recommend Susan-- she's super easy to work with, very knowledgeable and provides fabulous customer service. Lovely person and highly qualified!" – Betsy C.

"I found the best resource for my computer challenges, and I can't recommend Susan Baer highly enough! I had a lot of computer issues, and she fixed everyone one of them...and continues to maintain all my technology needs." – Sharon A.

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– KPMG - New Employee Technology Orientation


"Instructor listened to the questions of the students and answered them. She was a tremendous trainer."

"Good facilitator of participation, knowledgeable of firm, too."

"Susan is a great asset to KPMG, who should be highly rewarded for her professionalism."

– Professional Services


"Just wanted to say that Humberto was so patient and helpful. He got my contacts transferred from Outlook, along with docs and such from several Gmail accounts to my new Gmail account. And he also cleaned up a number of other things and answered a battery of questions. All to say, he was a pleasure to work with." -- Sandy C

"I have used Baer Technology twice. They have put 'my fires out' both times! I was referred to them by a friend. The first time I used them was a couple of years ago when my computer/phone had been infected. Susan cleaned everything up, gave me some very valuable tips and was great to work with. A few months ago I was having some issues closing down my old phone and computer. This time I worked with Humberto, who like Susan, was able to work with me and guide me through to complete the process. Both Susan and Humberto gave me excellent service and it was a delight working with them." -- Jane B.

"Humberto, you help me in various ways. Your skills are just top notch. Your computer skill set is excellent, but just as important your character shines. You have a very pleasant outgoing personality.  You are non-judgmental and accommodating especially to a person with disabilities like mine. My association with this young man has been nothing short of exemplary. I would recommend him highly to anyone in need of computer assistance."  -- JN

"You are one of the important people in my life who keeps it moving forward and I appreciate it." -- MW

"Thanks very much, Susan. The two films you created from photos of our cruise add immeasurably to the trip." -- HRH

 "The itemized bill is a good reminder of the great help you’ve been on so many different things over the past month. It’s appreciated."

 "I love the computer. Thanks again for taking such good care of me -- you are a wonderful professional -- with a heart.”

 "You're an angel."

 "I feel so lucky to have met you. Life is so complex and having someone help you move through it with a smile is such a great boon." -- DW

 "I'm very grateful for your expertise, patience & training skills."

 "That was the best $200 I've ever spent."

 "You're one of the few people who really know what they're any field." -- LD

 "Maude was excellent, she was a great help, she was so well organized, so patient. She helped me more than anybody ever has. I really enjoyed the two hours with her. I even got to like my computer. I definitely want her to come back. I learned a lot. I was 100% pleased."

– SAA Trainers & Consultants Referral Network


"I have a great person for you. I found her thru this listserv a few months back...right before I had LOTS of computer issues. And she fixed everyone one of them...and continues to maintain. And she is SO nice."

 "You are so gracious, Susie! Thank you for always being there. And for the kind courtesy discount! Again, so glad we found you!!! Your happy client,"

 "You're our guru."

 "I want to thank this wonderful community for all the calls and emails in response to my computer challenges. I found the best resource as a result...and I can't recommend Susan Baer highly enough!"

– Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge


"The teacher for the Five-day Windows and Ami Pro Training was organized and presented material in a class and organized manner. I was impressed that she could teach without notes."

 "Susan was very understanding. She is a very good communicator that operates with the understanding that everyone works and learns at a different pace."

 "The trainer made knowledge to Windows easy."

 "Instructor: very serene, easy-going, and made each of us feel okay & hopeful of understanding the material, clear in instructions and allowed knowledge to seep in without rushing or being overly wordy or overly authoritative."

 "What were the strong points of this training? Quality of the instructor."

 "Excellent instructor. Instructor was clear, basic language with good illustrations."

 "The instructor was great. She was patient and her explanations were clear and made it possible for me to understand."

– Small Business Administration

& The Women's Business Center


"The objectives of the class exceeded my expectations. Superb!"

"Best 'how to' seminar I have ever attended. Thanks!"

 "I have had several classes at SBA, this was the best."

"We love your people! Just great!"

The American Council on Education


"Good class. A+. Instructor never made anyone feel incompetent. Very helpful." - Windows

"Very friendly, open trainer. She knew her stuff. Excellent!" - Microsoft Exchange & Schedule

"I appreciated Susan's personalism, humor, and watchfulness of each individual. Usually I can't keep up, but Susan made it possible by giving me (and a few others) some extra help and attention." - Customized Microsoft Office for Mac Class