• We’ve been in business since 1994.
  • We specialize in technology support for business and residential customers, focusing on:
    • customer service,
    • professionalism,
    • training,
    • consulting.
  • We make technology accessible and understandable to our customers.
  • Our goal is to give people skills, tools and comfort level to benefit from what technology offers.
  • We help small and medium-sized businesses, as well as home clients.
  • We speak on the most relevant tech topics on-site and on-line.
  • We help our customers with a variety of technical challenges, including:
    • troubleshooting and resolution,
    • emails issues,
    • network problems,
    • data backup,
    • security,
    • software training,
    • database management,
    • procurement,
    • navigating the many ways that technology affects our daily lives.

Our customers appreciate our one-stop procurement and setup services for new devices, computers and networking equipment in the office and home.

Security is a primary concern, and we provide recommendations for, and implement, new software and hardware to protect your company, home, financial accounts, and personal and professional data.

Our customers consistently report that we are highly responsive and understanding of their needs, abilities, budget, and limitations. We tailor our support to your specific needs, to help you get the most out of technology and make it work for you.

Our techs are Ph.D. level experts in server management, hardware, software and security with multiple Microsoft Certifications who have worked together on our team for over 20 years.

What makes a 25-year, woman-owned, tech consulting business successful?

  • Listening to you, delivering high-quality service based on your needs, honoring you, and following through to complete the work.
  • We pride ourselves not only on our decades of expertise but especially on our customer service and communication skills. We care about you and want you to have a positive memorable experience with our team members and your technology.