You are one of the important people in my life who keeps it moving forward and I appreciate it. — Mary

“Thanks very much, Susan. The two films you created from photos of our cruise add immeasurably to the trip.”

“The itemized bill is a good reminder of the great help you’ve been on so many different things over the past month. It’s appreciated.”

“I love the computer. Thanks again for taking such good care of me — you are a wonderful professional — with a heart.”

“You’re an angel.”

“I feel so lucky to have met you. Life is so complex and having someone help you move through it with a smile is such a great boon.”

“I’m very grateful for your expertise, patience & training skills.”

“That was the best $200 I’ve ever spent.”

“You’re one of the few people who really know what they’re doing…in any field.”

“Maude was excellent, she was a great help, she was so well organized, so patient. She helped me more than anybody ever has. I really enjoyed the two hours with her. I even got to like my computer. I definitely want her to come back. I learned a lot. I was 100% pleased.”