KPMG - New Employee Technology Orientation

  • "Instructor listened to the questions of the students and answered them. She was a tremendous trainer."

  • "Good facilitator of participation, knowledgeable of firm, too."

  • "Susan is a great asset to KPMG, who should be highly rewarded for her professionalism."

Professional Services

  • You are one of the important people in my life who keeps it moving forward and I appreciate it. -- Mary

  • "Thanks very much, Susan. The two films you created from photos of our cruise add immeasurably to the trip."

  • "The itemized bill is a good reminder of the great help you’ve been on so many different things over the past month. It’s appreciated."

  • "I love the computer. Thanks again for taking such good care of me -- you are a wonderful professional -- with a heart.”

  • "You're an angel."

  • "I feel so lucky to have met you. Life is so complex and having someone help you move through it with a smile is such a great boon."

  • "I'm very grateful for your expertise, patience & training skills."

  • "That was the best $200 I've ever spent."

  • "You're one of the few people who really know what they're doing...in any field."

  • "Maude was excellent, she was a great help, she was so well organized, so patient. She helped me more than anybody ever has. I really enjoyed the two hours with her. I even got to like my computer. I definitely want her to come back. I learned a lot. I was 100% pleased."

SAA Trainers and Consultants Referral Network

  • "I have a great person for you. I found her thru this listserv a few months back...right before I had LOTS of computer issues. And she fixed everyone one of them...and continues to maintain. And she is SO nice."

  • "You are so gracious, Susie! Thank you for always being there. And for the kind courtesy discount! Again, so glad we found you!!! Your happy client,"

  • "You're our guru."

  • "I want to thank this wonderful community for all the calls and emails in response to my computer challenges. I found the best resource as a result...and I can't recommend Susan Baer highly enough!"

Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge

  • "The teacher for the Five-day Windows and Ami Pro Training was organized and presented material in a class and organized manner. I was impressed that she could teach without notes."

  • "Susan was very understanding. She is a very good communicator that operates with the understanding that everyone works and learns at a different pace."

  • "The trainer made knowledge to Windows easy."

  • "Instructor: very serene, easy-going, and made each of us feel okay & hopeful of understanding the material, clear in instructions and allowed knowledge to seep in without rushing or being overly wordy or overly authoritative."

  • "What were the strong points of this training? Quality of the instructor."

  • "Excellent instructor. Instructor was clear, basic language with good illustrations."

  • "The instructor was great. She was patient and her explanations were clear and made it possible for me to understand."

Small Business Administration & The Women's Business Center

  • "The objectives of the class exceeded my expectations. Superb!"

    Introduction to the Internet
  • "Best 'how to' seminar I have ever attended. Thanks!"

  • "I have had several classes at SBA, this was the best."

Teaching, Learning & Technology

  • "We love your people! Just great!"

The American Council on Education

  • "Good class. A+. Instructor never made anyone feel incompetent. Very helpful."

    Windows NT
  • "Very friendly, open trainer. She knew her stuff. Excellent!"

    Microsoft Exchange & Schedule+
  • "I appreciated Susan's personalism, humor, and watchfulness of each individual. Usually I can't keep up, but Susan made it possible by giving me (and a few others) some extra help and attention."

    Customized Microsoft Office for Macintosh Class