Residential Services

Baer Technology offers technical consulting to assess your hardware, software, security, and service needs. We will help you work with your current systems, and recommend upgrades and purchases as needed. We provide easy-to-follow instructions for maintaining a healthy and efficient computing environment, including back-up systems, anti-virus software installation, protection from malware. adware, ransomware and spyware, and firewall set-up.

Baer Technology supports networks, operating systems, and software in both Windows and Mac environments. We are versed in the most current software, apps, and computer concepts. Our services include:

  • Consulting & Recommendations
  • Training & Tips
  • Securing Your Personal and Financial Data
  • Customizing Privacy Settings
  • Assessing Social Network Security
  • Protecting Family Members
  • Backing Up Data
  • Virus Protection
  • Purchasing
  • Networking
  • Installations & Setup
  • Device Syncing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support
  • Maintenance & Upgrades