Whether you run a company or just bought a new computer for your home, Baer Technology can help.

As your company or personal needs grow and evolve, so do your technology challenges and options. We provide consulting and support tailored to your needs.

Our clients love us for the ways we save them time and trouble. We give you shortcuts and quick tips to make your work easier.

Case Studies

Here are some recent client requests and Baer Technology’s solutions:

  • You need a new computer or smart phone. We go get it for you, set it up, hand it to you and it's all ready to go.
  • Your server is outdated and needs to be replaced. We recommend the new server with pricing options and purchase the server for you. We work evenings and weekends to get it ready for your office staff.
  • Your office got hit with ransomware. We come in and rebuild your computers.
  • You're going on a cruise, you need a visa, global entry and TSA Precheck appointments, and registration with the cruise line for your travel plans. We take care of it for you.
  • You need to manage your wireless provider services. We interface with the provider and get everything set up to your liking, and get you discounts when available.
  • You’ve been wanting to organize those family vacation pictures and make an album that you can keep on your coffee table or give as a gift. We can make that happen for you, from selection to design to ordering.
  • Your Apple TV, ChromeCast, BluRay, Amazon FireStickare not working. We come in to get your entertainment systems set up so it's easy to get the TV programming you need for business, and easy to relax when you get home.